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1.  Maipu International certification training system

The certification training is versatile and covers a wide range of knowledge. This skill training is suitable for network industry personnel. Maipu communication technology certification system is divided into three levels:


MPNA certification was established in 2005, its target is to provide professional skills certification for junior network engineers. Certified passers should master knowledge of data communication basics, understand common network products (mainly based on routing, switching, and WLAN), be able to independently complete the installation, debugging, configuration, and troubleshooting of common network equipment, and can design simple network. 

The certificate holders are qualified for junior network engineers, junior pre-sales engineers, and corporate network operation engineers.


MPNE certification was established in 2005 with the aim of professional skills certification for mid-level network engineers. Certification passers will have a solid foundation in data communication theory, have an in-depth understanding of the theory of network protocols, and be able to independently complete medium-scale network planning and design, mid-to-high-end equipment deployment, commissioning, configuration, and troubleshooting.

The certificate holders are qualified as senior network engineers, senior pre-sales engineers, and for large-scale enterprise network operation and maintenance.

2. Project special technical training

For different training targets and different stages of network construction, different types of training course combinations are required for training. At present, Maipu Communication can provide special technical training in routing, switching, security, WLAN, and unified communications. The content is based on the technology foundation, related protocols and applications, equipment operation and maintenance, and networking applications. According to the timeline of training implementation, the special training will be divided into three types: pre-training, on-site training, and advanced training. Customized training also can be provided for specific users.

The customized training of the project is aimed at the special requirements of the users, mainly based on the customer's existing network structure and the related technologies used. The content is developed by the user and Maipu technical service team.