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Warranty Policy

 ▪ Toll-Free hotline support

 To get Maipu Technical support, just dial Maipu Toll-Free hotline directly.

 ▪ Fast technical support from experts

Connect directly to the Maipu experts in Maipu Technical Support Center by various platforms and Instant messaging software.

You can from multiple way contact MAIPU Export online (Wechat, Whatsapp, Skype, Email and etc.)

 ▪ Hardware repair

Once device got the hardware failure, then send to MAIPU China factory to repair it. In warranty, MAIPU will bear the one-way transportation costs.

If the devices out of warranty, both-way transportation costs need customer to pay it. And device repair also need charges not for free.

If the product fails during the warranty period and under normal use, MAIPU will repair it free of charge. The following circumstances are not within the scope of warranty,

      l  The product is not well grounded or the power is not in conformity with the standard

l  Do not operate the product by related instructions.

l  Swap the non-swappable modules or cables with power

l  Do not upgrade the software, hardware by the product instructions

l  Do not maintain the product at Maipu or authorized maintenance place

l  The model and serial number of the products applied for maintenance are not in conformity with the returned.

l  The damages caused by irresistible natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, and lightning strikes

l  The new function requirements of the customer, exceeding the manufacturer's commitment

l  Other non-product quality problems

l  Damage caused by logistics company during transportation

l  Equipment into the water, or equipment motherboard corrosion by other substances.


 Onsite support

Maipu Certified Service Partner providing onsite service quickly and efficiently for your technical requirements.

▪ Training support

Maipu training experts supply Maipu certification training, project training, and other flexible trainings in Maipu China training center.

 Warranty Service

Maipu Warranty Service Content



Remote Technical Supporting

          5*8 Remote supporting

     5 days each week.

     8 hours (9:00am~17:00pm CST)   each day.

Repair Service

     Send to MAIPU China repair   center.

     50 workdays repair period (If   Maipu can’t repair it within this period, Maipu will give replacement unit).

     Within warranty, Maipu pays one-way shipment fee. The customer pays another one-way shipment fee.

  * If out of warranty, the repair is not for free, and Maipu will give quotation case by case.

And when out of warranty, the double-way shipment fee needs to be paid by channel.

Warranty Period

The warranty period is one year  and three months by default. (one year is warranty, three month is device transportation time).

For detail, please refer to PO between you and Maipu.

For more warranty period, please contact Maipu to purchase.