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Partner Policy

Partner Policy


In order to help partners achieve the prospective profit, protect their investment in promoting Maipu brand and products, we (Maipu) initiate “One (1) Account One (1) Partner” channel policy for those who intend to make continuous growth in ally with principles.  



“One Account” refers to an independent entity which has right to purchase or use Maipu products. But for some large accounts in which multiple divisions have right of procurement, we will regard those divisions as separate accounts.

“One Partner” refers to a partner which is called Exclusive Account Partner (hereinafter referred to as EAP) and exclusively authorized for certain account by Maipu. For any accounts locked with EAP, Maipu will not allow any other partners do business directly. However, if other partner has better relation with the account than EAP and is confident to win the order, they can do “Maipu” business with the account through EAP.

- For unlock accounts, any partner may apply for EAP.

- EAP authorization has validity period and may vary in different situation. Maipu will evaluate partners’ application and give respective duration for each authorization according to their prospective targets.


Standard Requirements for Becoming EAP

Partner shall have full-time sales person responsible for promoting Maipu products.

Partner can provide the key contact person’s information which includes but not limited name, designation, telephone number, email address etc.

- Partner can show its good relation with the account by providing effective evidence.

- Partner shall have deals with the account in the past year.


Application Flow

- Partners have to fill in the Application Form and submit to Maipu (Appendix-1);

- Maipu evaluates the application and decides by either EAP Confirmation or Rejection within 7 working days;

- EAP, no matter reaching its targets or not within the duration, can renew its authorization five working days before the expiry date by reapplying for the same EAP. Such authorization should be automatically terminated on the expiry day if Maipu doesn’t receive any renew application from the EAP.  


Evaluating Principles

- For any unlocked accounts, below principles will be followed in evaluation of EAP :

- Principle one: Early bird catches the worm -priority to support the first applicant.

- Principle two: Reapply first - priority to support existing or former EAP on same account;

- Principle three: Customer decides - priority to support the partner with whom the account is willing to cooperate. If it conflicts with the above two principles, item 2.3 should be applicable.

- Principle four: priority to support higher level certified partners.

- Prospective target and application duration should be clear in applying for EAP on one account.  The proposed targets and duration are as following:


Prospective Target Application   Duration
Visit key   account with Maipu. half month ~one month
Make   presentation of Maipu products and relating solution to account. one month ~ two months
Account   agrees to purchase Maipu products and makes products ready for test in   account’s place. two months~ three months
Pass the   test and get POC. six months
Account   purchases a small amount of Maipu products ( above 10,000USD) six months ~one year
Account   purchases continuously with certain amount (above 100,000USD) in a year. one year~ two years
Other   situation   To be negotiated by two sides



Appeal and Penalty

If an EAP finds other partner(s) selling to the locked account, the EAP can appeal to Maipu. Upon verified breach of regulation, Maipu will take but not limited to following measures against those unauthorized partner and protect the EAP.

- Refuse to give price support and any authorization to the unauthorized partner;

- Refuse to supply products even in case the unauthorized gets PO from the account.

- Advice the unauthorized consult with the EAP on selling via the EAP in case the unauthorized has already placed purchase order to Maipu, yet Maipu hasn’t delivered goods.

- Refuse to provide any warranty and technical support in case the unauthorized partner has already placed purchase order to Maipu and Maipu has already delivered goods.

- Blacklist the unauthorized for all Maipu business and compensate the EAP for its investment in case the unauthorized refuses to compensate the EAP.


Note: All above points is prior to the final explanation of Maipu